I finished the first draft of my WIP The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn minutes before the ACFW awards dinner began live streaming on Saturday, Sept 24, which I watched while I unwound. I’ve set the story aside for two weeks with the hope that time away from it will lend some objectivity for when I dive in again for edits (barring interruptions like one of my other stories selling) on October 17.

It’s a bit strange not writing every day. It wasn’t so hard the first part of this week when family visited and we went to the coast for a couple of nights. No computer. No hard copy of chapters. No research. But being back home… it’s hard to keep my brain from picking apart the story and getting a jump on the editing.

Instead, I’m painting a room in my house and catching up on some reading. If anyone noticed, the books I’m currently reading over in the sidebar haven’t changed in weeks. That’s because I’ve had so little time to devote to reading other than research and critique. But here’s a reading snapshot anyway. Hope you’ll share yours in the comments.

The last book I finished reading:
Wayah of the Real People, by William O. Steele

The book(s) I’m reading now:

The Colonel’s Lady, by Laura Frantz
Long Knife, by James Alexander Thom
Ransome’s Quest by Kaye Dacus
Cherokee Dragon by Robert Conley
Home Life in Colonial Days by Alice Morse Earle

(as you can see, I have trouble not starting new books before I’ve finished the current ones)

The book I’m reading next:

Torrent, by Lisa Tawn Bergren
(I love this time travel series and can’t wait to devour this third book)

What book is up to bat for you now? What book is on deck? Any books get benched recently? 

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