From critically acclaimed novelist, Rita Gerlach, comes book 1 in ‘The Daughters of the Potomac Series’, a timeless tale of love and betrayal, loss and redemption against the backdrop of the American Revolution. 

Book 1 in the long awaited ‘Daughters of the Potomac Series’ by author Rita Gerlach.

Readers will grow attached to heroine Eliza Morgan, as she faces the hardships of colonial life when she leaves behind all she has in order to follow her heart and the man she loves into the Maryland wilderness.

* * *
On a windswept night in April of 1775, Eliza sat at her father’s bedside hoping he would recover. Forced to leave the home she grew up in, Eliza grows desperate. She could marry her former suitor, but cannot bear the thought of a loveless marriage.
Instead she falls in love with Hayward Morgan, the condescending son of a landed gentleman. When Eliza learns of his plans to leave England and build a life in the Maryland frontier, she decides to present a proposal of her own.
Visit author Rita Gerlach’s new book launch page for more details on her new series, view the book trailer, and read the first chapter of Before The Scarlet Dawn for free!

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