Another week, another chapter. Only one chapter? That sounds like such a slow pace, seeing as I spent at least four hours a day every day this week sitting here working (and more besides researching). But I had a few not so stellar writing days this week–you know those days when every word feels like a pint of blood drawn (utterly draining–heh heh). But I pushed through and finished a 4559 word chapter in the WIP. I actually wrote more than that, but spent all morning today whittling it down by over 500 words. I’d like to see it whittled further, but enough for now.

Research for the week:

~Schenectady, NY (anything and everything I can find, particularly the lay of the land round about. I’m in process of reading two books on Schenectady’s history. Another on the way)
~ wild herbs and their medicinal uses (or what they were thought to be in the 1760s)
~ the Mohawk Valley general history
~ bateaux and bateau building on the Binne Kill in Schenectady

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