I swear this writer dude, Keith Cronin, is one of the boys in my basement.* He outlines my** method of writing in his post on outlines, The Big O, at Writer Unboxed, as clearly and exactly as any writer ever has. I mean, pretty much everything he says I’ve done, or am doing. Except maybe the highlighting part but even there I think I did do that with one manuscript.

If you’ve ever struggled with outlines, wished outlining worked for you, dreamt of being more of a plotter…. Keith’s approach to it just might be what you need to read.

* Boys in the basement–referring to the subconscious, creative mind. I first ran across the phrase used by Stephen King, in his book On Writing.

** his really but it’s so close to mine it could be its identical twin except for that highlighted beauty mark next to its mouth.

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