So what’s been happening since I signed my first book contract back in March?

My deadline is June 15th, and I’m reading the manuscript over one more time, out loud, before I send it in.

A week ago I received and answered a 12 page Author and Book Questionnaire, which asked questions about (bet you guessed) me and my book, The Quiet in the Land aka Willa.

Some of these questions were challenging. Some were challenging and fun, such as:

What ideas do you have for the cover design or image and the interior design of your book?

What are some key words that cover the topics/themes in your book?

For your forthcoming book, what title ideas do you have? Please supply at least three variations and/or approaches.

After the questionnaire came my first phone conversation with my editor. I wish I had better recall for things told to me over the phone. I tend to forget 75% of what I hear. It’s partly why I choose email over phone communication whenever possible. But sometimes email is just too clunky and a real live conversation needs to take place. This one went well, I think. Edited to add: I took notes!

As of yesterday, I’ve had my first official photo shoot (official in that WaterBrook requested I have it done). Waiting on those photos now and hoping there are several good ones from the bunch to send to the publishing house.

My photographer happens to be a friend as well. Her name is Julie. We used the grounds of our church, Applegate Christian Fellowship, for the setting. We’re blessed to attend church in a truly lovely setting in the mountains of Oregon. Here’s a shot of the valley in the autumn.


The baptismal pool in the amphitheater. I sat here with those lovely purple flowers as one background.
A sneak peek Julie gave me of the photos she’s still putting on disk for me.

I’m not sure what the photos will be used for. The back of the book? A website? Marketing and publicity? Maybe all of the above! I look forward to finding out.

That, and many other things. But the ball is rolling now.

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