Here’s a favorite dessert for summer. Since I’m rather deathly allergic to most fresh fruit, this is how I get to enjoy my strawberries.

I’m not complaining. 🙂

A tip for making better pie crusts: I started out making pie crusts with Crisco and butter (half and half), but wasn’t always pleased with how dry and crumbly the crusts turned out. A few pies ago I tried using all butter, and am much more happy with the crust texture now. The pie pictured above is an all butter pie.

For a two crust pie: combine a cup of butter and two cups of flour and a teaspoon of salt in a bowl with a pastry blender until crumbly. Add enough ice water to form a ball. Just dribbles at a time, because it doesn’t take much. Divide the dough in half and you’re ready to roll!

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