This week I came across two 18th century research/writing resources that I’ve been eager to share with my blog readers. I’ve been reveling in them all week. Now you can too.


Contemporary Makers is a blog devoted to highlighting contemporary craftsmen and women creating replicas of historical items, many of them 18th century. There are many posts on this blog, each containing wonderfully detailed photos of historical guns, knives, tomahawks, powder horns, canoes, fire buckets, and sundry other frontier and Native American equipment and accoutrement. Great visuals for recreating characters and settings.

Our role is to make an effort
to document some portion of what’s going on today. To comment on the
established makers and to uncover the unknown. We welcome your comments
and suggestions and look to you our readers to make us aware of the
talented makers out there.

~ Art and Jan Riser, Robert Weil, and The Makers (from the Contemporary Makers blog)


Jas Townsend and Son have an extensive selection of videos at YouTube demonstrating 18th century skills such as…. 

Starting a Fire with Flint and Steel

Making Beeswax Candles

Preparing Salt Pork

Soup, Stew and Hash — 18th Century Soldier Cooking 

Stinging Nettle Soup

And last but not least, the cutest little cook you ever saw will teach you how to make Gingerbread 18th century style.

Do check YouTube’s sidebar for more Jas Townsend series on 18th Century Cooking, as there are far too many to list. This is an awesome resource for historical writers!

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