I read a lot of blogs. Many are helpful to me as a writer, or entertaining to me as a reader. Sometimes, though, I find a gem. I’ve got one of those for you today. It’s a two-parter on the subject of interviews (primarily but not exclusively for writers), by author Bonnie Grove, at Novel Matters.Do not miss these posts. They are the best posts on the subject of giving good interview I’ve ever read.

The Anatomy of the Interview, Part 1

“Your job is not to feed into the culture of celebrity, but to swat it away like the pesky fly it is, and focus instead on the intriguing questions that arise from being alive on the planet.” ~ Bonnie Grove

The Anatomy of the Interview, Part 2

“In an interview, you bring parts of your true self to light that are relevant to the purpose of the interview (see part 1). You must choose the truths about yourself that are the most compelling, interesting, relevant, and endearing (or iconoclastic if that’s what fits).” ~ Bonnie Grove

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