I’m back from the WaterBrook Author Retreat.

It was intense, educational, motivational:

The authors who gathered for this retreat (Joanne Bischof, Katie Ganshert, Mona Hodgson, Meg Moseley, Cindy Woodsmall, Mindy Starns Clark, Kim Vogel Sawyer and me) were given a crash course in social media and on-line marketing by Rusty Shelton of Shelton Interactive.”Plant a bigger flag, Lori.”

Website time for me.

It was yummy, beautiful, and breathless:

We were treated well, from accommodations to meals to the marvelous view from the Inn at Palmer Divide. Below is the view, with the authors and our senior marketing manager Amy Haddock (left) and my editor Shannon Marchese (second from left).

photo by Chris Sigfrids, Senior Online Marketing Manager, WBM

The Inn sits at around 7000 ft, I was told, and simply walking up a
flight of stairs is enough to leave you breathless in that thinly
oxygenated air.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the Newbiest of all?

That would be me! A highlight of this retreat was meeting my fellow authors, who couldn’t have been more encouraging and willing to share from their experiences.

Another highlight was our tour of the WaterBrook offices and meeting the staff, including a room full of lovely enthusiastic sales and marketing folk. I got to meet the artist who’s designing my book cover. I never expected to have the opportunity to brainstorm a few cover ideas with him.

We were also interviewed individually. On camera. A first for me.

You’d think I’d have embraced the fact that my novel is going to be published, but a number of times over this retreat I sat there feeling half in a dream as people I’d just met talked about my characters with enthusiasm and interest. I left with a stack of business cards, another stack of books, incredible memories, lots to process, and the sense of just how many people are involved in creating this book, and how much of their creativity, passion, and energy goes into it.

Thank you for exceeding all my expectations, WaterBrook!

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