A distant destination….

 A delicious greeting….

A perfect roommate….

Me & Judy Gann

A soul-soothing view….

The bay at Cannery Row

A bit of luxury….

 A rich decor….

A dramatic fountain….

 Even more so at night….

An agent, artfully lit…..

Me & Agent Wendy

A visit from a chatty John Steinbeck (this was Cannery Row, after all)…. 

photo by Suzanne Tietjen

Three weary travelers at the end of a very long drive…..

Karen Barnett, Judy Gann. Great traveling companions

Not pictured but present… incredible food, encouragement, career building education and discussion, bocce ball, scavenger hunts, more food, otters, real dolphins, seagulls, bay waves crashing, a thunder storm, God, coffee, kayaks, amazing coincidences (like sitting at a table with a writer who was born in the same hospital I was (we’d never met until that meal) and another writer who used to work at that same hospital (we’d never met until that meal)), and the fellowship of like-minded souls.

Thanks to the fabulous Books & Such team, Wendy, Janet, Michelle, Mary, Rachelle, and Rachel (and Keith for the lovely cups!)

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