October is my natal month. As I’ve done for a few years now, this October I’ve treated myself to a new rug made by a Navajo elder, through the Adopt-A-Native-Elder program.

Some years ago, while googling the cast of Into The West, a TNT historical miniseries about several generations of two families, one Lakota and one white, I came upon actor Jay Tavare’s* website and that’s how I discovered the Adopt-A-Native-Elder program, and their online rug catalog.

My heart was tugged. I bought a rug.

All proceeds from these beautiful rugs go directly to the elder who created them. My first two rugs were accompanied by a photo of the weaver.


Alice’s hands


Mary’s hands

My newest rug, made by weaver Sally Yazzie

*Jay Tavare is a spokesperson for this
non-profit program that helps support Navajo
elders in Utah and Arizona who choose to live traditionally.

Visit the Adopt a Native Elder site

Check out the online rug catalog

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