Are you a fan of Colonial or Early American fiction? If so, come visit us at Colonial Quills today, where we’re discussing what drew us to stories set during this time period.

Come and add your voice to the discussion. A comment will enter you to win a copy of Colonial Courtships, an anthology featuring a story by our own Carla Olson Gade. 

The Spinning Room: What Makes You Read Colonial Fiction?

Here’s part of my answer:

I grew up on the east coast, but my love affair with the 18th century
(history and fiction) didn’t begin until shortly after I moved to the
west coast in the 1990s, thanks to the books I fell in with here. Living
so far away from the “scene of the time” makes research for my 18th
century-set novels a bit trickier. It also spurs me to do more thorough
research, and along the way learn stuff I might never have known to look
for, which in turn inspires new stories. 

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