Here it is at last, the cover of my debut historical novel. It was designed by Kristopher Orr. It was great working with him on the design (not that I contributed much, but we had some good conversations about various story and design elements, going back to August of 2012, when I visited the WaterBrook offices).

I have yet to see the back cover design, or read the official cover copy. For now, here’s my own blurb to tell you a little about the story: 

18th century New York frontier bred courage in those who survived its perils.

Obenchain has survived. Returning to her white parents’ abandoned
homestead after twelve years of Indian captivity, Willa believes a solitary
life is the only way she’ll never lose again what’s twice been torn from her:
her family, and her heart.

as she begins the backbreaking work of subsistence farming, Willa’s
land is threatened with confiscation by the new American government, and
her determination to isolate herself is threatened from all directions.

There’s botanist Neil MacGregor, wounded and in need of aid…. 

Joseph Tames-His-Horse, the Mohawk clan brother who cannot let her go…. 

Two orphans in need of shelter and love…. 

And the residents of Shiloh, a frontier village
still reeling from a bloody revolutionary war, some who welcome her return, others
who’ll go to any lengths to see her disappear again.

like an arrow poised to pierce her shielded heart, Willa must find a
different sort of courage–the courage to lay the past to rest and once
more risk embracing the blessings the Almighty
wants to bestow.

Is she brave enough to love again?

Burning Sky will release August 6, 2013, from WaterBrook Multnomah. It’s available for pre-order now.

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