A couple more interviews for Burning Sky‘s launch went live this week. I so enjoy doing doing these, and am blessed to have the chance to share about three of my favorite subjects, writing, faith, and the 18th century American frontier. And of course there’s always a bit of behind the scenes* of Burning Sky thrown in with most interviews.

Hope you got a chance to check these out this past week. If not…


August 20 Zan Marie Steadham at In The Shade of the Cherry Tree http://networkedblogs.com/OgVxY

August 23 Married with Fiction http://marriedwithfiction.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/fiction-friday-lori-benton/


I also want to mention a great review from Serena Chase, for USA Today posted August 22. Thank you, Serena!

*Speaking of which, anyone interested is seeing material that
didn’t make the final edit? I have at least one snippet I’d have liked
to include, but for various reasons couldn’t. There might be more, I’d
have to digging. 

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