Getting away, taking a little break in the interval between content and line edits for The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn sounded like a good idea to me, so that’s where I’ve been for most of the past week, more or less off the grid at the Oregon coast, walking sandy (windy & sometimes chilly) beaches…

Strolling through giant redwood groves….

Photo by Rachel in Wonderland, Flickr Commons


And doing as much reading as possible…. 

That last wasn’t all play. The reading is part of my research for Tamsen Littlejohn. I’ve mentioned in interviews that I kept researching right up to the last minute on Burning Sky. Same is proving true for Tamsen and Jesse’s story.

Some of the research will carry over into other stories I have in progress. It’s been almost a decade since I began delving into 18th century research, and I’m still finding the time period fascinating, absorbing, transporting, and in every other way inspiring. 

So many stories to share!

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