I’ve posted about writer Lisa Cron and her marvelous writing craft book Wired For Story before. I’m doing it again. If you’re a writer of fiction and you haven’t read Wired for Story, I wish I could find you and thrust a copy of the book into your hands. It’s that good.

So are her blog posts, like this one up today at Writer Unboxed: 9 Ways to Undermine Your Characters’ Best Laid Plans.

And look, she has a website! With more on the Art & Mystery of Storytelling.

As my Junior High School English teacher, Mr. Terhes, used to say after dropping hints to the content of the next day’s exam, “A word to the wise should be sufficient.”

Which sounds a bit ominous but it’s true that our writing, if we show it to anyone, will be tested. If we intend to be published, it will be tested over and over again. By critique partners. Agents. Editors. Readers.

Lisa Cron is a writing coach well worth the investment of your time. So, “A word to the wise….”

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