I love hearing from readers. Sometimes there’s a reader who especially touches my heart. Evelyn, mom to my friend, Patti, is one of those. Evy is 98 years old. She usually reads large print books. But she really wanted to read Burning Sky when it released back in summer. 

So what did she do? 

She read the entire book, all 400 pages, with a magnifying glass. Then she emailed me to tell me what she enjoyed about the story. Here’s her note:

Lori:  As you know, Patti shared with me the intriguing
book you have just had published, and I wanted to second what so many people
say when they write recommendations for a new book “I couldn’t put it
down!”   I can’t say that for everything I read, but it happens to be
true in this case.  I am not a writer in the sense of writing for the
public, but I AM an avid reader and have been since first grade but I read
selectively and more so as I age.  I’ve always been a sort of “history
buff” whatever that means; in my thinking it simply means I love not only
history but historical novels.  It seems to me that writing historical
novels would be more difficult than ordinary novels because of the research
involved.  I do not have that gift, and you obviously do, plus an
attractive “style” which keeps a person’s mind wondering what happens
next.  You are precise yet keep a person reading on and on with great
curiosity and enjoyment and even a lot of indignation at the way human beings
treat each other—they always have and still do!  And you’ve brought
frontier living to life with the variety of characters.  I hope there’ll
be more from your pen.
Thanks for writing your book.  It was so well done,
with an interesting style and what seems to me to be excellent research. 
I so enjoyed reading it—even though it was in small enough print to tax my
aging eyes.  It was worth the effort, believe me.  Carry on—you have so
much to offer.     Evelyn

Today I’m happy to be sending Evelyn a signed copy of Burning Sky in Large Print. 

This edition has released from Thorndike Press and is available now where books are sold. You can find it online at Amazon.

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