Over on Facebook a question was posed by Novel Crossings to readers (which I am and always will be):

What is the best book related gift you ever received?

Here’s the answer I gave:

grandmother, a lifelong avid reader, sent me “Christy” by Catherine
Marshall one Christmas when I was about twelve years old. I confess, I wasn’t
impressed. I hadn’t discovered historical fiction yet. A year or two
later, I finally took that book off the shelf and read it, and it’s been
one of my favorite books ever since. I wrote my grandmother a second
(and much more heartfelt) thank you note after I read Christy, and when I
began to write novels in my early twenties, my grandmother became one
of my biggest cheerleaders. My debut novel, Burning Sky, is in part
dedicated to the memory of this lovely woman who had a role in starting
me down my life’s path with the gift of Christy.

Dear blog readers, I’ll wager all of you are avid readers of books, whether or not you are writers as well, so with this Christmas season upon us, I want to pose the same question to you. 

What is the best book related gift you ever received? 

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