I shared on Facebook* earlier this week that Burning Sky won the Grace Award** in the Action-Adventure/Western/Historic Epic category. And I can’t say enough how much I love it that Burning Sky was included in that awesome category. Action Adventure, History, Epic stories (and romance!) is right where I want to be writing. Maybe forever.

I’m thrilled and gratified that the judges connected with Willa’s
story so deeply. Connecting with readers has been a joy these past
months since Burning Sky’s release.

Here’s what the judges had to say of the book (thank you, Nike, Kenneth & Cathy!):

BURNING SKY by Lori Benton is a captivating
historical epic novel. The
characters, even the secondary and minor ones, feel believable and
authentic to the post-Revolutionary War period. Many of whom bear deep
and painful scars due to the brutal battles on the frontier, with both
the British and Americans having committed atrocities. Ms. Benton moves
the characters from one element of the story to the next with great
skill. The author did a superb job when Burning Sky, who had been
captured by northern New York State tribes, returns home to her family’s
cabin and transitions back to thinking and speaking more and more in
English as she tries to resume her former identity as Willa Obenchein.
Neil MacGregor and Joseph Tames His Horse, two very different men, with
dissimilar strengths, both devout Christians, vie for the love of
Willa/Burning Sky. The author does a marvelous job keeping the reader
guessing how this love-triangle will turn out. The villains are not
stereotypes, but rather are well fleshed out. One of them skillfully and
horrifically manipulates events. While his younger brother, who has
developmental challenges, is a touching character crafted with depth. ~~
Judges: Nike Chillemi (Team Leader), Kenneth G. Winters, Catherine West

Congratulations to the full list of winners.

Women’s Fiction/General Fiction: THE BELOVED DAUGHTER by Alana Terry
Romance/Historical Romance: FINDING BETH by Linnette R. Mullin
Mystery/Romantic Suspense/Thriller: THE RISING by Lynne Chandler Willis
Speculative Fiction: MERLIN’S BLADE by Robert Treskillard
Young Adult: THE REVISED LIFE OF ELLIE SWEET by Stephanie Morrill

Details on each book can be found here.

*I share more on my Facebook author page than anywhere else, these days. If you aren’t following me there, please do! 

** The Grace Awards are reader driven awards for excellence in faith-based literature.

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