Looking Ahead to What’s Next


(That view of the Adirondacks is your first clue)

Can you believe summer is almost here? This year is flying by. Before it gets any older, the time has come to share with you a little about what I’ve been busy working on for… well, a good long while now.

I’ve just signed a new contract with WaterBrook Press for two more novels set on the 18th Century frontier. One of them I wrote in 2012, and it’s been waiting for its moment. The other I’m writing now.

I’ll be revisiting the Mohawk Valley of New York in this two book series, the first to be released in 2015, the second in 2016. There are no firm release dates yet, but most likely they will fall early in the year.

The first book is tentatively titled The Wood’s Edge though of course that could change, as titles often do (for instance, did you know that Burning Sky was originally titled The Quiet in the Land (by me), then for a little while it was called Willa (by my publisher), then we all finally agreed that Burning Sky was best).

It’s far too early to be delving into the plot, or giving away spoilers, so what can I tell you about these two books?

~ The first book begins during the era of the French & Indian War (1757) and, over the course of both books, continues on into the Revolutionary War (1777). So together these books cover approximately 20 years.

~ At least one or two familiar characters from Burning Sky will make appearances in the pages, but this story centers around a new cast of characters. Two families. One of them white, the other Native American.

~ Among other things, these books will explore the history of the second easternmost nation of the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), the Oneidas, and their largely overlooked contributing role in the United States becoming independent of Great Britain.

I look forward to sharing this history and the story of these two families with readers. I hope you will find them worth the wait. And of course between now and early 2015 there will be more details forthcoming.

What does this photo of two hawks have to do with these stories?

Guess you’ll have to wait and see!

Edited to add: I wrote this on FB, but wanted to add it here too… a heartfelt thank you for the well wishes for the
new books. Your excitement and welcome for this news is a blessing to me. I’m thankful to God for this new opportunity, praising Him
for the doors He’s opened, praying He will use these new stories to
touch hearts and minds, and provide some gripping entertainment for YOU,
reader friends.
I’m a blessed writer, in my publisher, and in my readers. So THANK YOU so much for words of encouragement, prayers, and happiness in sharing this good news!

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