So happy to finally introduce you to the cover art for
The Wood’s Edge  
(The Pathfinders #1)
Coming from WaterBrook Press 
April 21 2015

This book marks my foray into series writing, and is a little different from my previous two releases. How so? While I don’t yet have an official cover blurb to share, I can say that the series spans a longer time period (twenty years), and deals with more than one generation of two families. It also encompasses a lot more history! But I trust all the elements you’ve come to expect with my books will be evident.

  • A setting that spans a frontier (cultural as well as topographical)
  • Romance (more than one!)
  • Faith journeys (quite a number of them)
  • That history I mentioned. The Pathfinders series explores the history of the Oneida people, one of the Six Nations of the Iroquois, leading up to the Revolutionary War and encompassing a key turning point in that war.

I’m looking forward to introducing you to a new cast of characters, come April!

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