The Wood’s Edge (releasing April 21) will be my third published book, yet seeing those first reviews popping up (from readers who received an ARC from my publisher or from me) is an experience as surreal (and fun!) as it was the first time. 

When a reviewer takes the time to respond to the themes of the books, or the choices characters make, or any other element of my books, it’s a thrill and a privilege to view the story through their eyes and hearts. It’s the closing of the circle I began when I first started tapping those computer keys and turning the pages of research books.

Here are few (non-spoiler) snippets from some of the early reviews I’ve seen: 

Questions arise in the story.  Does God punish us for our mistakes?
 When is a mistake a sin?  Is there a sin that is unforgivable? Does God
expect us to forgive someone who wronged us and altered the course of
our life irrevocably?  What about forgiving one’s self?  Is it possible?
 What does God expect in terms of restitution for a wrong done to

Read this enthralling novel and find out answers that you might not have expected!

March 15 Review by Trudy Koeffler, on Blogging For Books

Not only beautiful but powerful, with resonance of redemption and
reconciliation that moved me to tears several times and left me deeply
moved and, I hope, changed for the better.

If you have to choose only a few novels to read this year, let The Wood’s Edge be one! 

February 25th review by Kiersti Plog, on Goodreads

I wanted to list my favorite characters, but that would turn into
talking about most of the characters, so I’ll say this: Benton is able
to tie in many lives and stories together without overwhelming the
reader or having it be too much. It’s a wonderful tale of people’s
decisions (both the good and bad), life happenings and consequences
coming together – it’s messy, it’s beautiful, it’s life.

March 13 Review by Jamie, on Goodreads

I walked away with an awareness that our sin has ripples of
consequences, and we never know the whole story behind someone’s sin
(even in fiction). I also realized God’s forgiveness is only half of the
healing process of repentance. There is also a need for honesty and
restitution to those we’ve hurt in the process.

March 20 Review by Jessica White, at Stories that Shape the Soul

I appreciate all the thoughts being shared about The Wood’s Edge. Thank you, early reviewers, for helping spread the word. 

Come on April 21!

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