Happy Friday! Here’s a little something for readers awaiting Mountain Laurel‘s September 1 release. A nice big chunk of Bonus Content, in the form of a prelude, or mini-prequel. Whatever you want to call it, it’s yours for the reading, compliments of me and my publisher, Tyndale House.

I hope you enjoy this introduction to main character Ian Cameron. As his friends and family would tell you, Ian has been adventure-prone since he could barely walk, so it’s no surprise he cannot make it from Boston to North Carolina (and Mountain Laurel‘s opening pages) without a life-altering adventure tracking him down…

Take a step back in time to a summer day before Mountain Laurel’s opening. A small step. Just a few weeks or so, back to the high and dripping heat of August 1793, near the Maryland border in western Pennsylvania. There on a hillside at dusk meet Ian Cameron. He’s been a cabinetmaker in Boston, a frontier fur trader in Canada, and is about to take up tobacco-planting in North Carolina. If he makes it that far.


Start reading now: The Road To Mountain Laurel

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