Dear Readers,

There are two things I’ve been waiting to share with you today as Mountain Laurel becomes available via booksellers. A Pinterest Board and a Book Club Kit!

I’ve created Novel Boards for all my books, but this one has long been in the works. I do my best to lay out the images on my Novel Boards in the order the story unfolds, including a brief quote from the book either on the photo or in its comments section. It’s about as spoilery as a movie trailer so… “A word to the wise should be sufficient,” as my 8th grade teacher used to say.

One more note on Pinterest Boards: all images of characters are only a close approximation of how I visualize them. I don’t find images of my characters in order to create them. They exist first in my mind, but I keep a lookout for anyone who resembles them because that’s just fun. It’s like trying to cast the film version of my book. I won’t find anyone who exactly matches my image of a character, much less every reader’s, but sometimes I come remarkably close. I hope you enjoy this visual glimpse into the world of Mountain Laurel. I’d love to know out of all the characters I have represented on this board, which came closest to your mental image as you read the book. There’s definitely one of those for me among that cast.

Mountain Laurel Pinterest Board

I’m also thrilled to introduce the Mountain Laurel Book Club Kit. Included in this kit are extra discussion questions that weren’t part of that section at the back of the book (though all those are here too). I’m so excited to offer you this book club kit and blessed by the care the Tyndale team has taken in creating it for you! And I love answering your book club members’ questions too. If you’d like me to answer any extra questions for your book club, contact me through the form on this page or reach out to me via social media (be sure to give me a couple of weeks leeway to get those answers back to you, if you need them for a specific date or meeting!)

Find the book club kit on the Mountain Laurel book page of this website (where you’ll also find the Prelude to the story, The Road to Mountain Laurel, if you haven’t yet read that), or take this direct link:

Mountain Laurel Book Club Kit

Happy reading everyone! I’m so glad to share Ian and Seona’s story with you at last. There’s more to come in 2021 in Mountain Laurel‘s sequel… don’t neglect to read A Note from the Author when you’ve finished Mountain Laurel. A word to the wise should be sufficient!


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