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It’s finally here! One of my favorite steps in a book’s long journey to publication: cover reveal time! Introducing Shiloh, the second installment in the Kindred duology…

Morning glories

I love that my cover designer at Tyndale, Libby Dykstra, incorporated morning glories in this design. Those who have read the first installment in the Kindred duology, Mountain Laurel, should remember why.

While Shiloh continues the story of Ian and Seona, main characters met in Mountain Laurel, the story also revisits several key characters from my debut novel, Burning Sky.

Yes indeed, I’ve gone and merged those two story worlds!

If you’ve yet to meet Ian and Seona (or the Burning Sky cast of characters), good news! There’s plenty of time to read both books before Shiloh’s release on October 5, 2021. Then you’ll get the chance to see if I pulled off this dual sequel challenge I set for myself–or my characters set for me. Sometimes they do seem to be the ones in control here.

Not only did I have that release date and cover to share, I also have Shiloh‘s back cover copy. Check it out below (unless you haven’t yet read Mountain Laurel and want to avoid spoilers. In that case, click here)!


Shiloh Cover Copy

Award-winning author Lori Benton delivers a rich historical novel of faith, hope, and second chances.




A year has passed since Ian Cameron reluctantly sent his uncle’s former slave, Seona, and their son, Gabriel, north to his kin in Boston. Determined to fully release them, Ian strives to make a life at Mountain Laurel, his inherited plantation, along with Judith, the wife he’s vowed to love and cherish. But when tragedy leaves him alone with his daughter, Mandy, and his three remaining slaves, he decides to return north. An act of kindness on the journey provides Ian the chance to obtain land near the frontier settlement of Shiloh, New York. Perhaps even the hope for a new life with those he still holds dear.


In Boston, Seona has taken her first tentative steps as a freewoman, while trying to banish Ian from her heart. The Cameron family thinks she and Gabriel should remain under their protection. Seona’s mother, Lily, thinks it’s time they strike out on their own. Then Ian arrives, offering a second chance Seona hadn’t dared imagine. But the wide-open frontier of Shiloh feels as boundless and terrifying as her newfound freedom—a place of new friends and new enemies, where deep bonds are renewed but old hurts stand ready to rear their heads. It will take every ounce of faith and courage Ian and Seona can muster to fight for their family and their future . . . together.

Pre-order links should be available soon!

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