Recently I discovered Sweet Snowdonia Baking Company, a cookie (or “biscuit” as they say across the pond) shop in Conwy, Wales. It’s run by a friend of a friend, which is how I came to have any notion about a cookie shop in Wales to begin with. Needless to say if you take a look for yourself, I was charmed at first sight by these delightful creations.

Since it was April, I ordered a batch of their pretty daffodil gingerbread cookies for my mom for Mother’s Day last year. When those were a hit, and because Mom lives 3000 miles away and I didn’t get to see those cookies for myself, I decided to order some just for me.

I didn’t order flower cookies (though a complimentary daffodil cookie came tucked in with my order). I ordered book cookies! Then I took some photos of them with my latest book, Mountain Laurel.


The detail in these cookies is amazing. I have done my share of cookie decorating over the years too, but never something this intricate.

Do you have a favorite cookie shop that does this level of decorating? No matter where it is, I would love to know about it, so please share its name and location in the comments. I will be looking them up!

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