How is this year already half over? Summer is heating up here in my neck of the woods (southern Oregon). Tomorrow, Sunday, we are forecast to hit 114 degrees F. If we do, it will be the hottest temperature I’ve ever experienced. It’s gotten close to that here before (109, I believe), decades ago.

In much happier news, I have received three author copies of Mountain Laurel in large print and I want to give them away to three of my newsletter subscribers. These books are sturdy hardbacks, printed by Center Point.

Here’s what I’ll do. On July 1, I’ll do a random draw of three names from my newsletter subscribers, then send out a short note to the entire list to announce the winners. Winners will have a week to contact me with their mailing address to receive their free book. After the 7th, if I haven’t heard from a winner, I’ll choose a new winner in their place. Be sure to open your newsletter!

How if I make this a monthly thing?

On the first of every month I’ll do a random name-draw from my subscriber list for a free book. This will probably be my latest release (currently Mountain Laurel). I’ll also continue to draw random winners for anything new that comes along, like these large print editions.

So while I’m at it, I’ll draw a random name this month (in addition to the three for the LP versions) and give away a regular paperback copy of Mountain Laurel too.

That’s a total of 4 books/4 winners, coming to your inbox on July 1. Sign up for my newsletter for a chance each month to win one of my books.

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