The Gift of Christy

Over on Facebook a question was posed by Novel Crossings to readers (which I am and always will be): What is the best book related gift you ever received? Here's the answer I gave: My grandmother, a lifelong avid reader, sent me "Christy" by Catherine Marshall one...

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Burning Sky: a New Look in Large Print

I love hearing from readers. Sometimes there's a reader who especially touches my heart. Evelyn, mom to my friend, Patti, is one of those. Evy is 98 years old. She usually reads large print books. But she really wanted to read Burning Sky when it released back in...

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We have bookplates

I wish I could meet more readers across the country who've expressed the desire for me to sign their copies of Burning Sky, but I'm happy to announce a solution.  WaterBrook Press has issued me some bookplates. This means I can sign your book, even if we can't...

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Copy That!

Copy edits for The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn have just arrived in my inbox. I'm very pleased and excited to dive back into this story after a few weeks away from it. I've been working on three other stories in various states of completion (two of them in first...

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I’m in Middle Earth today!

Okay, not really. I'm actually in New Zealand. Okay, not really, but I'm as close as I can get for now.  Today I'm visiting with Ellie Whyte on her gorgeous website Soul Inspirationz. Ellie has created a database of Christian authors and books with profile pages,...

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A Word to the Wise…

I've posted about writer Lisa Cron and her marvelous writing craft book Wired For Story before. I'm doing it again. If you're a writer of fiction and you haven't read Wired for Story, I wish I could find you and thrust a copy of the book into your hands. It's that...

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Finished in Beauty

Each year, toward the end of October, I celebrate my natal day by purchasing a small traditional rug woven by an elder in the homeland of the Diné (the Navajo). I do this through the Adopt-A-Native-Elder program, via their online rug catalog. "The sale of rugs through...

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Cast off the Line(edit)s!

As of this morning, I've turned the line edits for The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn in to my editors at WaterBrook Multnomah. And how does an author celebrate the completion of this important editing step? This one hurries off to PicMonkey and creates a new graphic....

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a chat and a chance to win

Today I'm chatting with Wanda/Trinity Rose at her blog. And look! It's a copy of Burning Sky on my desk, waiting to be signed and sent to... you?  

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Interview at is live!

Dianne Burnett, Fiction Editor for, and I have been working behind the scenes the past week or so on an extensive interview for this bookselling site, as well as a few other things. Yesterday I received the links, and am delighted to share them with...

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