Character Accents

My stories tend to get populated with characters who speak the English language with accents varying from Scottish to Mohawk. I've written Irish accents and Welsh accents, southern Appalachian accents, and 18th century dialects of various sorts. So it stands to reason...

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Interviews: Week Ending August 16 (and a winner!)

These are the Interviews for Burning Sky for the launch week ending Friday, August 16. Thank you!!! to everyone who has posted a blog review of Burning Sky. I also value the reviews at sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CBD and Goodreads. Your participation and...

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Burning Sky: the making of a cover

I've mentioned before how happy I am with the cover of Burning Sky. I remember well the moment I first saw Willa Obenchain's image, how stunned I was that the designer, Kristopher Orr (WaterBrook Multnomah), and the photographer, Mike Heath (Magnus Creative) had...

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Introducing WILLA, by Pat Iacuzzi

I've been looking forward to announcing this for weeks. Friend and fellow historical fiction author Pat Iacuzzi is a multi-talented woman. Not only does she write with a strong and lovely voice, she also creates dolls for some of New York's historical sites. These...

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Burning Sky: A Bibliography of the American Frontier

Here is the mostly complete bibliography I used while researching Burning Sky. This doesn't include endless trips to the internet to track down bits and pieces, a few library books I likely forgot to record, long since returned. Or the four years worth of research on...

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Interview & a book drawing

You have until July 31 to head over to Jennifer Major's blog, Tales From The Redhead, for a chance to win a copy of Burning Sky. You'll need to follow Jenn's instructions to enter the drawing. But don't worry. They're easy. 🙂 I hope you'll take a moment to read my...

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Research Wednesday: The Three Sisters

“Lori Benton gives us seasons in her debut novel Burning Sky. Seasons of planting corn, beans and pumpkins as backdrops to the ripening and challenges of lives working through chaos after a war and a terrible personal tragedy. [She] gives us seasons of the journey...

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