It’s a Process

I've spent this month (which is flying by, can it already be the 18th??) doing the background research and developing ideas for two new stories. Now I've chosen one of them to push ahead with. Or one has chosen me. Its protagonists have grabbed hold of my heart, a...

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The Rose Garden

Do you enjoy reading historical fiction? Time-travel? Books set in England/Cornwall? Mysteries? Danger? Adventure? The 18th century? Romance? Lyrical prose that will sweep you away to another time and place and create characters so vivid they live on after the last...

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Writing multiple-character scenes

While sorting through my prodigious accumulation of research books in an effort to thin the herd, I was leafing through a book on 18th century gardens (which I decided I could not part with), and ran across a bookmark. It was a halfsheet of paper on which I'd written...

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The Books I read in 2011

Happy  New Year! I'm kicking off 2012 on the blog by posting the books I read, fiction and nonfiction, over the past year. This is the second year I've kept a record of my reading, and while I didn't read as many books in 2011 as I did in 2010, still it's a pretty...

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The Time Between Times

In ages past the Celtic tribes of Britain spoke of a Time Between Times, those blurred twilight borders between day and night, between seasons, between one year and the next. It's a time when the eyes of the earth are closing for slumber, when the sun retreats and the...

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Another journey’s end

At the end of the trail..... Ah.... That's my sigh of satisfaction, having just written the real final line of the novel in progress. I wrote the last chapter weeks ago of course, only to decide it needed an epilogue to tie up some loose threads and give a better...

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The Fellowship of the First Draft

This week one of my favorite authors, Susanna Kearsley talked about  Letting Go (The Heroine Addicts blog), saying good-bye to one's characters. Writing that last scene in which they appear. And the wrench of sadness and loss this can bring a writer. Even if the...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Giving thanks today to the Giver of all good things. "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning." James 1:17 "And we know that all things work together for good...

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I have an idea….

It's that time in the cycle of my writing life when I'm nearing the completion of one novel and casting about for potential new story fodder for the next. Maybe "casting" isn't the best way to describe it. I don't go looking for story ideas. They find me easily enough...

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