Lori Benton’s Weekend Off

Yesterday I finished the current edit/word slash on Kindred. On Monday I plan to begin a hard copy read through, for polishing, further cutting, and attending to themes/threads/set-ups/other aspects of the first half of the book that need strengthening, to earn the...

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Word count update (or downdate…..)

Still researching agents, getting my brain in gear to write two or three versions of the synopsis (because every agent just about wants one at a different length), the query letter and of course, I'm still editing the Beast. Down to 211,000 words. From an original...

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The Query Letter

I'm starting to work on my agent query letter this week. The web is littered with query how-to pages, mostly found on writer's, agent's, and publisher's sites. Good posts on writing agent queries can be found at agent Nathan Bransford's blog--which any writer will...

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Teresa of Avila… and a new writing blog

I'm reading Wounded, by Claudia Mair Burney. Interesting book about stigmata. Not sure I'd have picked it up if it had been written by any other author (okay, for Francine Rivers I'd have given it a go!), but having read Burney's Zora & Nicky, and loved it to...

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Had a IM chat with my current beta reader today, who lives on the opposite coast from me. She's found a spot in the story that, with some poking and prodding and turning on its head, should help me shave off quite a few thousand words. It involves taking what happens...

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Final Edit Update…. for now

I finished the current edit pass on Kindred this morning. While I managed to cut a total of 53,779 words (after the 71,000 I cut on the previous edit), I didn't make my SIG (Seemingly Impossible Goal) of under 200,000 words. Current word count stands at 232,819. This...

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How Things Got Done (and an edit update)

For my fellow historical writers, or anyone interested in learning how things got done in and around the house during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, have I got a book for you! OUR OWN SNUG FIRESIDE, Images of the New England Home 1760-1860, by...

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Favorite Books of 2008

I'm limiting these to books that were published in 2008, by CBA publishers, of which I admittedly have not read many. But out of those I have, here's the two I liked best. Zora & Nicky: A Novel in Black and White, by Claudia Maire Burney, is one of my top picks...

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edit update – week… what? 6 or something?

It's Christmas. Stuff is happening. Hope yours was blessed. I did manage to work some, too.Starting word count: 286,598current word count: 245,715down by: 40,883That's for the current edit. Add that to the 71,000 I cut on the previous pass and we've a grand total of...

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