Book Review and Something New

Still resting from Kindred. Going to try and let another week go by before I begin revisions and editing.I finished editing my childrens story, Bear Country. I shaved another 4000 words off. That's pretty cool.Something even cooler:While the autumn rain streamed down...

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November “Receipts” — Sweet breads & muffins

While Kindred is sitting on the back burner, and I'm resting from my labors, thought I'd post about one of my non-writing passions... baking! (Not interested? Skip to the end of this post for a worthwhile writing-related link.)If I didn't or couldn't write, I'd either...

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The End… for now

I did it! I wrote the last two scenes of Kindred today, and reached my goal of finishing the last section by October 30th. I'm pretty wiped, having a hard time finding more words to type this blog post, but I wanted to get something down to mark the day. I wrote the...

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The End in sight

Over 2000 words written today. One day left to go. Two scenes left to write. Lots of things will change on Friday. 1. I'll enter a new decade. 2. Our Indian Summer weather will break with a series of fronts bringing rain and wind (and likely the rest of the leaves...

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One week countdown, and I make a scene

I've finished writing for today, Thursday. There's a week to go before my self-imposed deadline of October 30th. By then I hope to have the final chapters of Kindred written. Not polished, mind, just written. Knowing my pace (even this current breakneck pace) and how...

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my view

This is the view I have outside the window where I write. I love this tree in October!

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Kindred mid-month check in

October 15th? Already? Say it ain't so!My goal has been to finish the last chapters of Kindred, at least in rough draft form, by October 30th (the following day being my 40th birthday).So, Lori, how's it going with that goal thing?Glad you asked! It's going all right....

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Let it snow… let it snow… let it snow

A non-writing related post, except to say that while these photos were taken this afternoon, I was snug at home in a quiet house getting some writing done.On Wagner Butte. Season's first snowfall. Photos by Brian.Looking over the mountains to the westSnow on Mt....

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A Visit with author Bonnie Leon

Historical fiction author, Bonnie Leon, paid a visit to the Rogue Valley this weekend. I've known Bonnie many years through Oregon Christian Writers, have taken her fiction writing course, and lately have come to know her better through regional meetings of American...

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A Most Needful Thing

I left our church service today in tears. They weren’t tears of sadness or hurt, but an overflow from my spirit at the goodness of God, and the sweetness of His voice, and the many utterly cool and precious things He had to gift me today in one short hour of my...

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