Friday muddle

It's Friday. Half way between Christmas and New Years. What work I've done this week has not gone particularly well. I'm still wrangling and wrestling with Chapter Three. I'm worn out, and i have a cold, but I'm not giving in just yet. Words still swirl through my...

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Saturday Ramblings… Quakers, Slaves & Hobbits

With Christmas just around the corner, I've not posted here all week. But I have been squeezing in the editing around the holiday festivities. Yanking out two chapters from the early section of the book has proved a challenge, and I've had to do much rewriting. But in...

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Curious about the graves

Obscured by thickening mist, it seemed just one more stone, like countless others thrusting through the leaf-mold in the folds of the ridge. He’d nearly strode past it, grown sure of his course, when the stone’s smooth regularity of texture and form made him halt. ~...

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I cut two whole chapters of Kindred's early section this week, bits of which will be worked in further down the road, I imagine (or kid myself). Together they totaled somewhere near 5000 words. I knew those two chapters needed to go. They consisted mostly of stagnant...

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Ready, Set… Go

It's a gray and chilly, blustery day. The fire is blazing. The tea is hot. Let's do some editing! Starting word count: 284, 183 (seemingly impossible) Goal: 200,000

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I've taken the week of Nov. 26-30 off from writing, to let the finished draft of Kindred cool a bit (and to get a jump start on Christmas). During this brief hiatus I chose to read one book on the writing craft. There are scads of good ones out there. A couple of...

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My Ebenezer

I've done here what I'm told one should never do in a novel, led off with backstory. I'll do my best to keep it brief. By 1999 I’d written several novels targeted for the Christian (CBA) market. I’d come close to being published a time or two, met some wonderful...

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So Let It Be Written

So let it be done! It's taken three years and seven months, but at last (at last!) it is finished. The first draft of my historical novel, KINDRED (working title), begun in April 2004, sits cooling its heels on my hard drive (and my jump drive, and various piles of...

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