About that working title

Tomorrow I start (again) the editing of Kindred. Following the guidelines mentioned in an earlier post, from author/writing instructor Barbara Rogan (here's her new Next Level Workshop website), I'll print the whole manuscript off and read it. And I won't let myself...

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Artwork: good, bad & ugly

For Beth and Sallie, who wanted to see. A large, older painting (pre 1993). 20x24, if I recall. I still like the wolves. Not so much the composition or setting. They look like they're grazing, for crying out loud--and what was I thinking with that distracting wispy...

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All’s Quiet

All's quiet on the editing front. I'm letting the manuscript sit for a month, as I should have done during December, but didn't. My bad. So, I don't have a whole lot to be journaling about during this time, since I'm also doing my best to not even think about Ian and...

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It Never Fails…

It never fails. When I need direction along it comes on the Writers Forum, and sometimes I don't even need to do the asking. Jennifer H., bless her, started a thread on the revision process a couple days ago, asking members to chime in on how they go about it. And...

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Friday muddle

It's Friday. Half way between Christmas and New Years. What work I've done this week has not gone particularly well. I'm still wrangling and wrestling with Chapter Three. I'm worn out, and i have a cold, but I'm not giving in just yet. Words still swirl through my...

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Saturday Ramblings… Quakers, Slaves & Hobbits

With Christmas just around the corner, I've not posted here all week. But I have been squeezing in the editing around the holiday festivities. Yanking out two chapters from the early section of the book has proved a challenge, and I've had to do much rewriting. But in...

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Curious about the graves

Obscured by thickening mist, it seemed just one more stone, like countless others thrusting through the leaf-mold in the folds of the ridge. He’d nearly strode past it, grown sure of his course, when the stone’s smooth regularity of texture and form made him halt. ~...

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I cut two whole chapters of Kindred's early section this week, bits of which will be worked in further down the road, I imagine (or kid myself). Together they totaled somewhere near 5000 words. I knew those two chapters needed to go. They consisted mostly of stagnant...

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Ready, Set… Go

It's a gray and chilly, blustery day. The fire is blazing. The tea is hot. Let's do some editing! Starting word count: 284, 183 (seemingly impossible) Goal: 200,000

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