Our First Allies: the Oneidas

This week I've been working on the historical note that I like to add at the end of my novels, this time for A Flight of Arrows, the sequel to the book that will soon be releasing, The Wood's Edge. Writing the historical note for The Wood's Edge, even more so now for...

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The Books of Yesteryear (2014)

Try as I might, I didn't read quite as many books in 2014 as I did the year before (a whopping 101 books in 2013). This year I managed 97 books, and instead of keeping a log here on the blog, I kept one on Pinterest. You can peruse it here if you are so inclined....

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Book Baby #3

You would think I'd be used to it by now with two books published, having gone through the editing process, the cover design, then the interior, getting glimpses of what the finished book would look like along the way, then finally opening those big brown boxes that...

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Decembers Past & Present: a Christmas Note

Last December, right about this time of the month, I had the last phone conversation I would ever have with my Dad. I didn't know it would be the last. He was 70 and had been in poor health off and on for much of the past 30 years. Many heart surgeries, crippling...

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The final editing stage

The brown truck stopped outside my house... I heard the knock at the door... my dog set to barking... I opened the door... The typeset pages of The Wood's Edge are here!  Time for a final proofread and then... next I'll see of this story it will be bound between...

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There are no Depends for the Soul

I can't claim that post title as my own creation. My pastor/Bible teacher, Jon Courson, said it last night during our Wednesday night through-the-Bible teaching. He taught last night through Psalm 51.You probably know Psalm 51. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and...

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A devotional & a giveaway

Today I'm visiting with Charity Lyman, aka The Giveaway Lady, sharing a devotional I wrote with tie-ins to The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn.... 2014 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide with Lori Benton! And giving away two copies of the book! Please drop by, hope you'll be...

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Did you know…?

Did you know that my literary agent, Wendy Lawton, is also a published writer? She has a wonderful series of historical fiction, Daughters of the Faith, based on the lives of real young women, written for the middle grade market (8-12). Though I'm far more middle-aged...

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It’s all Dutch to me!

Introducing a new version of Burning Sky: "The Land of My Father" (Dutch version) November 11, 2014 (the release date listed by online booksellers) I'm excited to announce this first translation of one of my books! Even though I can't read it myself, as a writer I'm...

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Linsey-Woolsey Writing: Weaving Fact with Fiction

Linsey-woolsey is a fabric woven from linen and wool. Linen is used as the warp, wool as the weft. It was commonly worn in the 18th century and is, in fact, an ancient form of cloth. Writing historical novels is, for me, something like that linsey-woolsey weaving....

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