Releases April 18, 2023

Bear Country

Written & Illustrated by Lori Benton

The wilderness is no place for a teddy bear to lose himself. Just ask Palister.

Frightened by a wild bear while on a camping trip, Palister runs away from the place his child, Sarah-Jane, put him. Lost in the wilderness, Palister faces a hungry lynx, a bossy eagle, and other animals who think they know what should be done to get him unlost. When efforts fail, the news is grim: Palister’s only hope of seeing Sarah-Jane again rests on his surviving the coming winter, and it will take a bear to show him how. Just when it seems things can’t get worse, the bear chosen for the task turns out to be the last bear Palister ever wanted to see again.

The wilderness is vast and its lessons hard. Can Palister hold onto hope that Sarah-Jane will return for him—if he survives until spring?

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