Over the past few years Lori has developed another creative passion, landscape photography. With the Pacific Northwest at her doorstep, it’s doubtful she’ll run out of compelling subjects any time soon. Come along on her adventures exploring and photographing Oregon, Washington, and Northern California—with occasional forays into Montana and elsewhere in the western United States.

Mount McLoughlin, OR.

From this vantage point at sunset interesting conditions can occur, even though to catch that reflection across Willow Lake one must look east, not west.

Lower Lewis River Falls, WA.

There are many beautiful waterfalls in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. This is only half of one of them.

Boardman Tree Farm, OR.

Sadly this tree farm no longer exists. It’s all been cut down for pastureland. I was thrilled to find this interesting contrast of green and gold on my final visit here in October 2018.

Yosemite National Park, CA.

El Capitan from the meadow, on a rainy evening.

Palouse Horses, WA.

On a trip home from Montana we took a side trip through Washington’s Palouse country. These horses were pastured in a small town. I can’t resist a spotted horse!

Blacklock Point, OR.

The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful, rugged, and varied on this earth.

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