Shiloh releases one month from today and I’m thrilled we’re so close to the release date. I’ve been waiting many years to share this second half of Ian and Seona’s story with you, as well as granting my long-time readers the thing they’ve asked me for by far more than anything else–more of Joseph Tames-His-Horse’s story.

If you don’t recognize that character name, Joseph is a Mohawk warrior, one of the heroes of my debut novel, Burning Sky. He also appears in the Pathfinders duology (The Wood’s Edge and A Flight of Arrows), as a younger man, living out some of the back story hinted at in Burning Sky.

But back story isn’t what readers meant when they began asking for more of Joseph’s story after reading Burning Sky. With Shiloh, we’re looking ahead into Joseph’s life (and the lives of many more Burning Sky characters) about twelve years after that novel’s end.



If you haven’t yet read Mountain Laurel, I highly recommend reading the first half of Ian and Seona’s story before you read Shiloh. That said, I did my best to make Shiloh a coherent and satisfying reading experience for those readers who missed my warnings over the past year that it’s the second half of an epic family saga, as well as a dual sequel. Careful attention was paid to that. But if you read Burning Sky and especially Mountain Laurel first, your experience with Shiloh is going to be so much the richer.




All right then, I’m thrilled to share with you a sneak peek of Chapter One of Shiloh. You’ll find that in the form of a PDF file here.

And if you’d like a sneak listen to the audio version, you’ll find that here, under the cover image. Click on Audio Preview. You also find all the pre-order links on that page, under Purchase From Our Other Partners.

That’s all the updates I have for now. I expect the Audible link for purchasing the audio version will show up online soon too. Shiloh has the same great reader, Erin Bennett, who read Mountain Laurel. When my books release, that’s how I like to experience them again, in audio. It puts me at a little distance from the story and enables me to experience it as near as possible as you would, coming to it for the first time.

Stay tuned (especially to my Facebook Author Page) for announcements in the coming weeks for ways to win signed copies of the Kindred duology (Mountain Laurel and Shiloh) and more.

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