Each year, toward the end of October, I celebrate my natal day by purchasing a small traditional rug woven by an elder in the homeland of the Diné (the Navajo). I do this through the Adopt-A-Native-Elder program, via their online rug catalog.

“The sale of rugs through the catalog is one of the most important ways
we have to provide financial support to our Elders.”

Each elder who weaves a rug sets the price for that rug, and all proceeds go to her. This helps to provide for her family through the year.

“It is generally thought that Navajo weaving began under the influence of
the Pueblo Indians in the 1700s. Original designs were simple stripes
in the colors of wool that were available from sheep raised by the
Navajo (black, white and brown).”

For more about the rug catalog, the weavers, and the weaving, please see the Rug Catalog Story.

In exchange for helping to support one of these elders in such a small way, I get the forever joy of having the beautiful work of her hands in my home. As someone who spends months, in some cases years, crafting stories that can be read in a matter of days, I appreciate that more hours of work go into each of these rugs than anyone who isn’t a weaver could comprehend. They are as unique as my stories. They are treasures.

This October I purchased this marvelous rug woven by Betty Lou Begay. It’s called Storm.

This handsome lad helped me welcome the new rug

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